Hendrik Schwarzer

"Animated expression is the most important thing in working with virtual orchestral instruments. The hb1 MIDI Breath Station re-invented the concept of the breath controller. Its intelligent design lets you draw amazingly smooth curves in a resolution never seen before. With its new Attack and Release features you can fit shape translation between breath and midi to very specific needs and characteristics. The hb1 MIDI Breath Station pushed the idea of breath controlling to a new level - a real innovation."

Hendrik Schwarzer - Composer
Founder of Orchestral Tools
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Paul Steinbauer

"An expressed aim of the Vienna Symphonic Library is to merge the concept of authenticity with musical intuition.There is no other Breath Controller that is so reliable, comfortable and flexible for breathing musical life into our digitised, orchestral sounds as the hb1 Midi Breath Station from Hornberg Research. It's good to know that there are clever researchers worldwide who are working on exclusive, thoughtful hardware to accompany the rapidly developing musical software. And the positive side effect for all music creators is that it enhances a real boost to musical output!"

Paul Steinbauer - Product Manager
Vienna Symphonic Library
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Yasunori Mitsuda

"I have been working mainly in Japan as a music composer for multiple media such as TV, movie, animation and console game, and in any of projects for any kinds of media I have to work with speed. How effectively, and how realistically you create a mock-up with a sequencer is an essential step to show your client a demo version with high quality. For those reasons I had been searching for an efficient input device for several years. Other companies’ breath controllers, control surfaces, volume pedals, motion controllers and a controller on iPad…I had tried any kinds of devices, but I could not meet the one. One of the ...


Yasunori Mitsuda - Composer
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Yasunori Mitsuda more text

... good points about a breath controller is that you can enter or change data in control change while playing notes with both hands. I like the fact that the data input with hb1 MIDI Breath Station is especially tidy and nearly finished compared to other breath controllers I have tried so far. Because no need to adjust the data input through the device is equal to I can work without wasting my time. A variety of setup parameters enables a user to prepare best settings to the tune of every musical instrument, and they are all loadable anytime from its memory. Particularly, the parameters named Data Reduction and Limit which other breath controllers do not contain come in handy for the music library these days.
This simply designed wood tone appearance will keep me happy and fresh. But what I enjoy the most about hb1 MIDI Breath Station is now I have a pocket of time to take a coffee break which this awesome product gives me. I hope many people will enjoy the time with this great product."

Yasunori Mitsuda - Composer
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hb1 complete

The Breath Controller for sensitive LIVE and STUDIO performance

hb1 MIDI Breath Station


hb1 MIDI Breath Station

The Breath Controller for professionals

The hb1 MIDI Breath Station represents an innovative breath controller concept:

Breath to MIDI and Breath to USB-MIDI Standalone Controller

  • with 12 parameters in 25 storable Presets
  • with MIDI MERGE Feature
  • additionally 1x1 USB-MIDI interface
  • innovative Attack and Release parameters
  • simultaneous control of four independent MIDI CCs in multi mode
  • smart Realtime data reduction
  • Internal resolution: 1 ms
  • Invert-Function
  • constant Breath Value Display
  • two interchangeable mouthpieces, made of precious wood of the wild service tree
  • one stainless steel tube with a infinitely adjustable air intake valve which can be adjusted as needed
  • "hb1Control" app for MacOS and Windows

The hb1 Parameters